Unique Embroidered Outfits and Women's Clothing

At Shoptown Boutique we started a creative journey on Covid times, learning about embroidery designs, and carefully we picked soft yarns for customized buttons. We also teamed up with local workshops to get the perfect patches with the vivid colors needed. After 4 months of trying, our first folklore cardigan was ready.

If you're looking to have the best inspired Taylors cardigans possible with the best price on the market, we promise to inspire you with our handcrafted outfits that you will adore for a lifetime.

Thanks to this authentic vision, we prioritize our customers needs and putting their desires at the top of priority list, that's why we sell the cardigans to Swifties at the production cost. We didn't want the cardigans to be expensive; instead we wanted everyone to be able to get them.

Our extensive collection features Taylors cardigans, women's dresses, scarves skirts, and many more.

We continue to make our journey broader, since our first launch in 2022 we have gained loyal customers not only across the US, but also in the UK, Australia, Europe and beyond.

 The journey started, but it's just the beginning...